Service Fees

We provide support for a broad range of services, including Next Generation Sequencing, sample preparation, DNA/RNA isolation and SNP fingerprinting. Our partner institutes (UMC Utrecht, Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht University) subsidize the facility and qualify for the reduced rates. These reduced rates include costs for chemicals, operator time, annual maintenance, lab hardware, LIMS service contract, and are excluding costs for management, acquisition and housing.

Users outside our academic partner institutes will have access to our services based on scientific excellence and through pay-for-use via external rates. Please contact us for a quotation.


Pricing overview

Note that prices can be updated over time quarterly due to inflation and changed euro/dollar rates. Pricing status at the date of submission will be applied.


Service Type Price per Price excl. VAT*
MinION 1 x FlowcellSequencingRun704 €
MiniSeq 2 x 150 bp mid outputSequencingRun727 €
MiniSeq 1 x 75 bp high outputSequencingRun972 €
MiniSeq 2 x 75 bp high outputSequencingRun1096 €
MiniSeq 2 x 150 bp high outputSequencingRun1613 €
MiSeq 1 x 50 bp V2 kitSequencingRun1096 €
MiSeq 2 x 150 bp V2 kitSequencingRun1297 €
MiSeq 2 x 250 bp V2 kitSequencingRun1408 €
MiSeq 2 x 300 bp V3 kitSequencingRun1729 €
NextSeq500 2 x 75 bp mid outputSequencingRun1446 €
NextSeq500 2 x 150 bp mid outputSequencingRun2015 €
NextSeq500 1 x 75 bp high outputSequencingRun1792 €
NextSeq500 2 x 75 bp high outputSequencingRun2977 €
NextSeq500 2 x 150 bp high outputSequencingRun4463 €
HiSeq2500 1 x 50 bp rapidSequencingRun1880 €
HiSeq2500 2 x 50 bp rapidSequencingRun2811 €
HiSeq2500 1 x 150 bp rapidSequencingRun2851 €
HiSeq2500 2 x 100 bp rapidSequencingRun4583 €
Truseq DNA nano (manual)Sample prepSample68 €
Truseq RNA stranded polyA (manual)Sample prepSample94 €
Truseq RNA stranded ribo-zeroSample prepSample144 €
Truseq DNA nano (automatic)Sample prepSample66 €
Truseq RNA stranded polyA (automatic)Sample prepSample97 €
Open SNP ArrayFingerprintingRun660 €
DNA isolationIsolationSample16 €
RNA isolationIsolationSample16 €

*Only available for requests from UMC Utrecht, Hubrecht Institute and Utrecht University